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Nutrition Education & Services

WakeMed’s Registered Dietitians can come to your worksite to provide individual consultations or group nutrition classes to meet the needs and interests of your employees. Our dietitians specialize in disease prevention and developing healthy eating habits. Prices vary based on type and length of program/service. Some nutrition services may be billed to insurance. 

On-Site Nutrition Counseling

WakeMed Registered Dietitians can provide one-on-one nutrition counseling for employees at the worksite.  Appointments are one hour and are scheduled at convenient times for your employees. 

Nutrition Classes

These presentations are designed to be approximately one hour in length; leaving time for discussion and questions. Most classes include a presentation and an interactive component. Classes can be taught during the lunch hour or at another convenient time to accommodate employees’ schedules. Nutrition classes are taught by a Registered Dietitian and in many cases can be billed to the health plan.

  • Not Another Salad! How to Eat Healthy During Your Workday
  • Meal Planning: What’s On Your Plate? 
  • Mindful Eating:  Am I Really Hungry? 
  • Clarifying the Confusion: What’s In Your Food?
  • High Blood Pressure: It’s More Than Salt and Stress
  • Mediterranean Diet vs Fad Diets
  • What’s In Season: How to Incorporate Fresh and Local Foods
  • Happy, Healthy, Holiday Eating
  • Cooking Up Better Nutrition
  • Understanding Food Allergies

 To schedule your class, please contact us.