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Screenings & Services

At WakeMed, we provide a broad range of corporate wellness services for clients seeking to improve the health and well-being of their employees.

Biometric Screenings

Our on-site biometric screenings help identify health issues among your employee population and can be used to develop strategies to improve the health of your workforce.

Our biometric screening package includes the following:

  • Full Lipid Panel & Blood Glucose: Finger stick with results in 90 seconds. Results include total cholesterol, HDL, Ratio, LDL, triglycerides and glucose readings
  • Full lipid panel with glucose (cholesterol)
  • Blood Pressure and Heart rate
  • Height/Weight with BMI Conversion
  • Waist circumference measurement
  • Individual health coaching session to review screening results
  • Management of outcomes based program (optional)
  • Online scheduling
  • Private, single station individual appointments  

Once the screenings are complete, our team provides you with a complimentary wellness consultation to review incentive tracking and an aggregate report of screening results and recommendations of program strategies to address identified health issues.

Other wellness screening options available: 

  • Flu Vaccines
  • Hemoglobin A1C Testing
  • Cotinine Testing (Nicotine)
  • Ergonomic Evaluations and Education
  • New Hire Screenings
  • Annual Physicals
  • Bone Density Screenings (osteoporosis screening) 

Flu Vaccine Clinic

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Quarterly Check-ins or Wellness Challenges

Our team of health professionals can come on-site to offer quarterly screenings or fun, interactive education to keep your employees motivated and engaged throughout the year. With the support and resources of our various health care professionals at WakeMed, we can accommodate virtually any request.

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