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Anterior Total Hip Replacement

The Anterior Total Hip Replacement Surgery offers less pain and the potential for a faster recovery. These are two reasons why orthopaedic surgeons and patients choose the anterior approach to total hip replacement surgery at WakeMed.

ortho hip Total Replacement

During an anterior hip replacement procedure, the surgeon makes the incision on the front of the hip rather than the back or the side (as in the traditional procedure). The location of the incision means the patient doesn't sit on the incision throughout recovery.

Another significant comfort measure results from the surgeon's ability to enter the incision and spread the muscle rather than cutting it and detaching it from the bone to access the hip joint. This technique used during an anterior total hip replacement procedure also minimizes muscle damage and has the potential to:

  • Speed recovery
  • Reduce scarring
  • Allow patients to move with fewer restrictions soon after the procedure
  • Help prevent hip joint dislocations after surgery

Orthopaedic surgeons at Wake Orthopaedics perform the anterior approach to total hip replacement surgery at WakeMed. Please call Wake Orthopaedics at 919-232-5020 for information about total hip replacement procedures, including the anterior approach.

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