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Pathology Services

The Pathology Laboratories at WakeMed endeavor to provide excellence in lab testing necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of disease in a health care system that includes a tertiary care center. The last few decades have seen tremendous advances in medical science that require increasingly sophisticated and complex Pathology Laboratory testing.

Delivering Accessible Lab Results

We strive to deliver lab results in an easily accessible fashion and in a timely manner with attention to efficiency. Our menu includes approximately 1000 tests, each of which has unique aspects.

This website is intended to serve as a convenient resource with information for each test regarding sample requirements, test availability, turn around time, and normal reference ranges. The members of Raleigh Pathology Laboratory Associates provide an additional resource, with at least one pathologist on call for consultation and assistance at all times.

Compliance with Federal Privacy Regulations

Compliance with federal privacy regulations precludes access to patient test results at this site. We are developing enhanced web access to test results, but this will always require interfacing through a secure portal.

This web site also provides information regarding our staff, news and updates on laboratory services, and the availability of new tests. We welcome suggestions on how to make this resource more valuable to its visitors, as well as suggestions concerning the services of the Pathology Labs.

We have included contact information for key personnel in a manner that we hope makes us accessible – we welcome feedback.Our goal is to assist you in providing high-quality care to your patients.

An on-call pathologist is available 24/7/365 for consultation and assistance 919-350-8242.

Michael Weinstein MD

George Clarke, MD
Director of Pathology Laboratories
WakeMed Health and Hospitals