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Having surgery at any age can be concerning, but it can be especially scary for children. At WakeMed, we specialize in caring for children of all ages. Each step of the way, our nurses, child life specialists and specialty physicians are trained in providing the very best care for our youngest patients. We have also invested in child-friendly facilities, technology and expert staff to provide the best, customized care for children available.

Our board-certified pediatric surgeons are some of the country’s best trained physicians.  They know how to provide the least invasive procedures that will result in reduced pain, quicker recovery from surgery, faster discharge from the hospital and a more rapid return to school and normal activities. Many children are able to return to full unrestricted activity in as little as one to two weeks.

Our surgeons routinely perform straight forward and more complex laparoscopic operations on children, including:

WakeMed is also home to a Chest Wall Deformity Center. Our surgeons perform two different chest wall reconstruction procedures:

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Kimberly Erickson, MD

J. David Hoover, MD, FACS

 J. Duncan Phillips, MD, FACS, FAAP

George Wadie, MD, FACS

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