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Before Surgery

You must follow these guidelines as you prepare for surgery:

Outpatients Only

  • Arrange to have an adult to stay at the hospital throughout your procedure.
  • Arrange for an adult to stay with you at your home for 24 hours after your surgery.
  • Endoscopy: Family or designated driver cannot leave. These procedures are relatively short in timeframe and need the responsible party to stay for discharge.

All Patients

  • For your safety, it is important that you do not EAT anything after 12:00 midnight the night before your surgery, unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon or anesthesia team. You may have clear liquids up to 2 hours before your arrival time at the hospital. Clear liquids are fluids you can see through and include black coffee (no cream), tea (no cream), soft drinks, apple juice and Gatorade or other high carbohydrate nutritional drinks. Do not drink orange juice, broth, gelatin, or alcoholic beverages. Do not eat candy or mints or chew gum. If your infant is bottle fed, the infant may have formula up to 6 hours before arrival time. If your infant is breastfed, the infant may be nursed up to 4 hours before arrival time.
  • If you take any medications on a regular basis (aspirin, blood thinners, insulin, etc.) talk to your pre-anesthesia testing nurse during your visit or phone call to find out if you should take your medications the night before surgery.
  • Do not shave the surgical area.
  • Refrain from smoking 12 hours prior, and do not consume alcohol 24 hours prior to surgery.
  • Patients who are given CHG bath instructions should follow those instructions and complete one hour after they bathe or shower. This is minimize the change of infection.


Surgery may be cancelled when:

  • Food and drink guidelines are not followed.
  • No responsible adult is available to drive you home or stay with you for 24 hours after surgery.
  • There are unexpected changes in your medical condition.
  • You arrive late on the day of your surgery.
  • Primary care physician, cardiac, medical, specialty clearances are not received if deemed necessary by Anesthesia.

If you need to cancel your appointment for surgery, please contact your surgeon.