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Name of Test
Umbilical Cord Tissue, Hold for Reflab testing
SoftLab Order Code
Epic Order Name
Umbilical Cord Tissue, Hold for Reference Lab Testing
Epic Order ID
All samples are transported to Raleigh for storage
Additional Test Information
Testing should be ordered on the infant's MRN, not the mothers.
Samples will be held for seven days at the Raleigh Campus. If drug testing is requested, please order Laboratory Add-On Testing.
Comment in: Umbilical Cord Drug Testing
If you are requesting testing more than five days post collection, please communicate with the Pathology Reference Lab at 919-350-6050 to determine if samples are still acceptable for testing.
Sample Type
Umbilical Cord Tissue
Collection Container
Sterile Container
Collecting Volume
Approx. 6" section of umbilical cord tissue
Storage or Stability
Refrigerate - specimens may be held for up to four hours at room temp.
Causes For Rejection
Cord soaking in blood or other fluid. Formalin fixed. Tissue that is decomposed
Collect at least 6 inches of umbilical cord (approximately the length of an adult hand). Drain and discard any blood. Rinse the exterior of the cord segment with normal saline or sterile water. Pat the cord dry and place in container for transport
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