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Welcome to the WakeMed Pathology Find A Test. If you encounter any problems or need assistance, please call the

Pathology Call Center at 919-350-8242.

NOTICE: Due to a nation-wide shortage, urine vacuum tubes may not be available. Urine specimens for testing may be submitted in a sterile container

Search Results (56 records found)
    Name of Test SoftLab Order Code Epic Order ID Collection Container
    F-VIII INH, Comprehensive F8I LAB3156 Blue Top (Sodium Citrate - Light blue)
    F002 IgE Milk MILK LAB3789 SST
    F004 IgE Wheat WHEAT LAB3805 SST
    F008 IgE Corn CORN LAB3771 SST
    F013 IgE Peanut PENUT LAB3798 SST
    F014 IgE Soybean SOYB LAB3803 SST
    F020 IgE Almond ALMO LAB3759 SST (Gold Top Serum Separator Tube)
    F027 Beef BEEF LAB3764 SST
    F035 IgE Potato White POTWH LAB3799 SST
    F044 IgE Strawberry STRBE LAB3804 SST