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Welcome to the WakeMed Pathology Find A Test. If you encounter any problems or need assistance, please call the

Pathology Call Center at 919-350-8242.

NOTICE: Due to a nation-wide shortage, urine vacuum tubes may not be available. Urine specimens for testing may be submitted in a sterile container

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    Name of Test SoftLab Order Code Epic Order ID Collection Container
    T pallidum Ab (FTA-Ab) FTA LAB866 SST -(Gold Top Serum Separator Tube)
    T pallidum Ab (FTA-Ab), CSF, Ref Lab FTACS LAB3376 Sterile container
    t Transglutaminase tTG IgA ENDYM LAB723 SST -(Gold Top Serum Separator Tube)
    T- and B-Lymphocyte and Natural Killer Cell Profile RefLab TBNAK LAB3636 One Lavender EDTA and one ACD (Yellow Top)
    T-Lymph Help/Supp, Ref Lab HELPS LAB3282 Lavender-top (EDTA) tube and yellow-top (ACD-A or ACD-B) tube
    T001 IgE Maple Box Elder MAPLE LAB3787 SST
    T006 IgE Cedar Mountain CEDAR LAB3768 SST
    T007 IgE Oak White OAKW LAB3793 SST
    T008 IgE Elm American ELMAW LAB3777 SST
    T011 IgE Maple Leaf Sycamore MAPSY LAB3788 SST